Educational Enrichment for Romanian Children (EERC) was created in 2008 from a dormant non-profit organization with the same acronym. The three key individuals Prof. Radu Florescu, Ms. Lidia Bradley, and Dr. Dana Floru met at Boston College in 2006 to develop the framework for a nonprofit concerned with facilitating educational experiences for Romanian students. Under the leadership of Dr. Floru the program took off in 2009 with the help of other generous and enthusiastic individuals.  Each year  EERC selects middle school students from Romania to have a summer experience with local families while attending local camps in the Boston area. Ms. Bradley, through Aspera Pro Edu, sponsors students from Brasov area. The Florescu  family and the group Centrade from Bucharest are the main sponsors for the Merit Scholarship. 

Founded in 1980, the old EERC (East European Research Center) was the brain child of Prof. Radu Florescu, with the main purpose to facilitate cultural exchange between Eastern European scholars with their counterparts in the United States.  After the fall of the communist block EERC began to pilot a program between 1997-2001 while bringing academically gifted, English-speaking Romanian children from impoverished families to summer schools in the Boston area.