EERC mission is to facilitate communication and forge friendships between students from Romania and USA.   We believe that exposure to other cultures is invaluable in shaping the younger generation views of the world and of their own potential  in positive and enduring ways.   
We create opportunity for  middle school students from  Romania  to experience American life by attending overnight  camps or living with a local family while attending local day camps.  This experience  opens  further opportunities for them to pursue when they return home.   
Equally important is to present these vibrant young people as ambassadors of the Romanian culture.  In our experience, the Americans whose lives they touch find these interactions enriching and gain new insights about  other cultures.    These shared experiences produce benefits to both sides that extend long beyond the immediate experience, even to subsequent interactions that occur beyond our program.
We select students who demonstrate the intellectual and emotional maturity to benefit from this unique opportunity.  They are boys and girls from various areas of Romania who are fluent in English and who demonstrate strong academic and personal characteristics.  With our help, this rising generation will be engaging in a world without borders.  We bring the world closer to home.