EERC recognizes that early adolescence is a critical time for shaping youngsters’ views of the world and of their own potential. We select promising middle school Romanian students- remarkable through their intellect, initiative and maturity- to attend summer enrichment camps in Boston area while hosted by local families. Among the values we promote are community service, civic engagement, environmental stewardship and tolerance of diversity – essential values to fully engage in a world without borders.

At the same time our students bring the world closer to home for the Americans they meet. At home or at camp, the intimacy of daily interactions with someone from a different country leads both sides to learn about each other and to see their own culture through different eyes. Invariably, it is the similarities that leave the most enduring imprint. The experience is a win-win-win situation: for the students and for the Americans whose lives they touch while in Boston. Our program identifies outstanding alumni through an annual Merit scholarship and a mini grant project.

Help us help the young generation  broaden their horizons and build long lasting friendships across the ocean!